The sweet treat thatput us on the map!Our licorice is world famousand made in New Zealand.Available inraspberry and black,We're the perfect accessoryfor any licorice lover!

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Bullets, ballsandtwists - oh my!Whatever bite you'recraving, we've got theperfectflavourandSharefor you

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Layer after layer ofdelicious licorice fun,there's allsorts ofirresistibleflavoursand twistsof colour to enjoy.

Licorice and lollies kiwi's love.

Get a tastefor the tinglewith fizzy sherbertwrapped in a wonderful,vibrant, tangy fruit chew.

In green apple, raspberry& tropical flavours.

The classic traditionof licorice hasa historyso great...

It's a mystery!

Whenever you need thatlittleenergyboost,reach for heards barleysugars,butterscotch andfruit refreshers.

Made in New Zealandsince 1914!

Generations of Kiwi'shave grown up lovingthecreamytasteof6 mackintosh'stoffee flavours.And, now look out forthe new licorice toffee bag,


For thebig mintrefreshment,that lasts and lasts.there's a mouthfulloffunwe've beenloving for years.

Since 1931,jaffas have beena part of ourheritage.every kiwi knows thefunof rolling a Jaffa in their mouthand experiencing the uniqueorangeandchocolatetaste.