Guinness World Record and 21st Birthday

Guinness World Record and 21st Birthday

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While celebrating our 21st Birthday, RJ's completed the double and achieved a new world record on the same day.

We set the new Guinness World Record with a huge lime green, black and white licorice Allsort. Over 1000 people were crowded into the levin factory to help with the celebrations and of course to munch into the Allsort that weighed over a ton.

Not counting the actual licorice the world record Allsort comprised of around 624 kg of icing sugar/cornflour, 75kg of sugar, 27 kg of desiccated coconut and 156 litres of glucose syrup. These ratios are the same as your standard Allsort you have today.

The Guinness Book of World Records rules are quite specific. We must tell them exactly what the dimensions are going to be, and we must achieve those dimensions. If we don't, we won't get the record. We had estimated the dimensions to be at about 800mm square. The giant Allsort acted as our birthday cake. The rules require the product is used, so it must be eaten. Otaki MP Nathan Guy was on hand to help with the cutting up of the licorice and handing it out to the crowds of screaming children. The important thing is that the Allsort gets eaten, we don't want to throw any away.

As a part of the celebration, we also ran food stalls with funds raised going to The Salvation Army. We are happy to say we were able got give a cheque for $10,000 and also any of the leftover Allsort to distribute within the community.

Overall a great day had by all and new record for us to be proud of, awesome work from the team at RJ's.